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Training and Development Training and Development

Training and Development

Planning division concerned of preparing the annual plan (production, investments, operational) and developing training plans that related to the company.

Tasks developing and training department

  • Implement all training courses for the staff of the company central training courses programs prepared by ministry of oil: developing and training directorate that implements in the center of the ministry or in oil training institute.
  • Perform training courses in the universities and training centers that circulates by the ministry; developing and training for all competences that implements at Iraqi universities and training center outside oil ministry.
  • Implement training courses in the center of the company.
  • Follow up the implementation of the training courses at oil training institute: Baghdad.
  • Coordinating over participating the staff of the company in training courses outside oil sector.
  • Preparing developing and training programs to qualify the new employees.
  • Formatting the lectures, conferences, symposia.
  • Formatting and coordinate with the lectures to hold training courses for all technical administrative competences.
  • Preparing the private halls to hold training courses.
  • Supervision training the students of all universities.
  • Preparing annual. Monthly, report for all the deeds of the internal training of the section and so the training courses that implemented during the year matching these reports over what achieved past years to determinate the developing level by training courses.
  • preparing annual need for training courses for all divisions &departments as appropriate with needs  for training courses either technical or administrative specialties  for the purpose of implanting according to implemented side either inside the center of the ministry  or oil training institute  and in the center of company .
  • recourse forms prepared by the ministry for the purpose of evaluating the training courses or attendance & degrees form or( participate name , job tittle .the company .certification , competence) form in addition  a form  prepared by internal training section regards participants over the attending  at ( lectures , workshops ) that implemented inside the company by our staff.
  • Documenting all books and correspondences that belong to internal section (import, export) in mail log regards the section.
  • Documenting all training courses for all staff of the company` inside private program into the computer and record all the internal training courses with all competences for each employee since his appointment.
  • Preparing designs for website related to training developing department to implement electronic technical courses by distance learning (on line).
  • Supervision implement and sending circulars belong to the department to the divisions and departments of the company electronically via private website (share folder) which implement by associate who have skill and experience in competence.
  • Following a new electronic methods in the process of testing regards the training courses  via mobile phone  through a platform (class room ) its good step  of implementing training courses through open private link in training courses  via mobile phone and to be watched by lecturer .
  • Notation electronic training activities by daily report according to the instructions of higher management to document all the activities related to associate of the divisions and departments and sending the daily reports electronically over the activities of developing and training department.
  • Preparing the circulars of the higher study inside and outside Iraq according to the Received instructions from the oil ministry (developing training directorate) then collect the needs of all divisions and departments to be sent to the ministry (developing training directorate) for the purpose of validating from the ministry and approval over customize opportunities of studying according to the need of the company.
  • Follow up fellowship & scholarships that granted from the companies and prepare circulars of the fellowship and   scholarships to luring the candidates according to the actual need of our company to be sent to delegation committee , after validating , approval  preparing all required documents  then to be sent to the ministry (developing training directorate ) for approval then open studying folder for each  candidate(paragraphs ,2,3,4. ).
  • Follow up the acceptance of higher studying concern the employees who are included inside Iraq according to the instructions of higher education and research coordinating with oil ministry –developing training directorate.
  • Follow up the candidates of our company who are include (fellowship, scholarship) coordinating with oil ministry –developing training directorate.
  • Coordinating with oil developing and research center of oil ministry over facilities of higher students mission by providing the wanted technic information so ratify contracts concerning achieving the search.
  • Preparing the private circulars over studying on outstanding channel according to the imported instructions from the center of the ministry (developing training directorate).collect the real need of the divisions. Departments then to be sent to the ministry (developing training directorate) for validating and approval over customize studying opportunities according to the need of the company .the names of the candidates are gathering to be sent to the office of the D.G. for approval of the nomination then send the nominating forms by official letter entitled to ministry of oil –developing training directorate for approval .
  • Issuance the private circulars over the wanted vacancies in several organizations, divisions, inside and outside Iraq.
  • Follow up the commitments of the postgraduate students by ratified contracts with company over keeping the secrecy of the technic information so handing a copy of the treatise after the debate so ratify contract with student according to a new instructions of the ministry of higher education and scientific research for the purpose as mentioned above (private paragraph no; 5).
  • Follow up implement (training paragraph) outside Iraq over the ratified contracts with our company for purchasing devices, &equipment after ratifying the contract addressing the beneficiary side in our company to facilitate of nominating delegates for training so gaining approval of D.G.
  • Follow up the nominees that participated in private training inside oil ministry –developing training directorate.
  • Limiting training needs to be matching with stablished terms for administrative, technic training programs.
  • Follow up implement training paragraph over the included contracts according to item (26) from petroleum license contracts and so follow up all private measures. after obtaining approval D.G. over nominating trainees then follow the same context related to (workshop , invitations . visits )
  • Follow up administrative measures related to official letters that issued from ministry of oil –developing training directorate.
  • Commitment the instructions and measures that issued by ministry of oil.
  • Preparing monthly, seasonally. annual reports concern the achievements of the section by preparing monthly report at the end of each month includes the number of delegates so period of delegation, date of leaving & directness, so the ministerial official letter and administrative .so the season report each three months includes the delegations that achieved or not so the annual report each year includes the delegations achieved or not.