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<span>Media</span> Section Media Section

Media Section

Media section is the sound of the company expressing the future ambition and achievements, it’s the link between It’s internal audience which represented the associates by all the their success. Exerted efforts, the external audience represented by citizens and Arabian, foreign companies.

-Media section at oil Exploration Company consist of two units (Photography and News Unit, Management and Printing Unit)

 Photography and News Unit

  1. Editing:-

Editing the news over the activities of the company whether the news internal or external (to be displayed by the readable or visible formula by Arabic and English).

  1. Photography

Includes picturing either outside or inside the company for:

  • meeting
  • symposia
  • conferences
  • Location of works concern the company.
  • Film and photo archiving, the archiving process considers very important in the section because of it’s importance of archiving the activities of the company and back to it for the purpose of preparing films and what its valid for displaying.

A film library was established and data over all the activities of all the company which the photo archiving reached about 30,000 photo.

  1. translation
  2. Translation the news of the company to be published via sites of the company (twitter ,face book .website,)
  3. participating in exhibitions

 Printing management unit

  1. Participating in the news papers and magazines.
  2. Spreading the advertisements relates to tenders and auctions.
  3. Issue explorer magazine

The responsibility of the section determined by collect all studies and contracting then editing and filtering the news in order to choose the important issues that associated with interest of the readers specially the scientific issues to be designed and editing the magazine  by its final formula  for the purpose of issuing ,and last step fellow comprehensive distribution plan for all sectors of Iraqi society (parliament . main state institutions , ministries ,governorates , universities, unions ,libraries , foreign companies , oil sector companies).

  1. Printing

Includes design and printing all private studies of the company, in addition (publications, brouchures, posters)

Printing all the need of the company

  1. Visit the local market to implement the mission that assigned the section.
  2. Managing the websites of the company (website, face book, mobile application).